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Dupage Campus Design Club

Creative Senior Exhibit

This is the poster and mailing card for my Senior Exhibit at Robert Morris University. The idea for the design was to incorporate the word "Creative" in many different languages. Using the same words the poster was made to resemble part of the iconic skyline of Chicago, the city Robert Morris University is located in.

Alternate colors
Dupage Campus Design Club

DuPage Campus Design Club

This is a poster for the design club at school. The poster was
made to promote joining the club. The title is made into the
pronunciation of the word club, this ties in with pop culture
trends of arbitrally switching letters and using extra marks
such as umlats. This poster went through several color and
design changes before ariving at the final.

Alternate colors
Movie Stichk

Movie Stichk

This is a packaging design for an alternative media for movies.
Its size is the same as a regular case and can hold memory
storage units inside. This format would make use of popular
portable devices, yet it retains a physical product that many
online systems lack.

Movie Stichk media box layout


A cover redesign for the book Flatland. The idea that flat lines
can create a 3D looking surface ties in with the book's theme
of a square dicovering the world of a sphere.



This is a vector reproduction of a photograph. Everything
including the background is made in Illustrator using vector
objects. The image below is an enlarged portion showing the
detail and simplicity of the rendering.

Thermometer Detail
Duncan & Dugo Remodeling Inc.

Duncan & Dugo Remodeling Inc.

Identity system for Duncan & Dugo Remodeling Inc. includes:
business card, letterhead, signage, and application of logo to
company vechicles.

Logo application for truck
Garden sketch

Kitchen Garden

This is an illustration for the promotion of making a kitchen garden.
The focous is on peppers and it is also decorated with various other
edible plants. All can be grown in the backyard and enjoyed for use
in all your favorite recipies.

Garden poster
Warm and Cool Patterns

Color Patterns

Each one of these color designs use the same pattern. The purpose
of this is to experiement with interactions of color. The general
feeling and even focal points change with each color scheme.

Neutral pattern and random
Warm and Cool Patterns

Passion Ration

This is a custom candy bar project for a Women's Ministry event. As snack giveaways for the event, the bars include memory verses on the back formatted to look like the ingredient list.

Neutral pattern and random